• Battery intelligence as a service

    Maximize battery lifespan and avoid unexpected downtime.

  • Applications

    Solutions for material handling, transportation, golf & utility, backup systems, and railway.

    Solution for golf & utility

    Advanced battery intelligence solution for golf carts, hotel and resort carts, and utility vehicles. Bamomas solution reduces maintenance costs, increase uptime, and improve asset management.

    Solution for material handling

    Advanced battery intelligence solution for forklifts used to reduce maintenance costs, increase uptime, and improve asset management.

    Other applications

    Advanced battery intelligence for critical backup components in telecom, energy distribution, and data center infrastructure.

  • What we do

    Our solution is realized using simple miniature non-intrusive wireless sensors combined with cloud platform that provides the battery intelligence.

  • Features


    Guidance panel

    Bring order to your charging processes. Our panel guides operators to use the batteries in the best possible way. It makes the opereations quicker and it also increases maximal battery lifetime.


    Big-data battery health analytics

    Make batteries predictable. Avoid downtime by planning operations and scheduling maintenance and battery replacements according to the battery health analytics.

  • How It Works


    Order Battery Intelligence System

    You can request a demo right now here!


    Install Sensors to Batteries

    It takes only about 10 - 15 minutes to install the sensor to any industrial battery and connect to WiFi. You can also request the installation from us!


    Get Results

    The cloud engine continuously analyses usage, performance, and health of your batteries. Access the real-time information easily via web or mobile dashboards. Get periodic reports, warnings and notifications.

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